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Add:Yangwan Industrial Zone, Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia City, Zhejiang, China
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Chuncan has a profound meaning of resurrection and devotion. It also represent our company’s history. Through change, Chuncan devotes itself to creating a better planet. Our existence makes the world a better place.

For more than Chuncan has been dedicated to designing teaching devices and kids’ playground equipment in order to foster imagination, preserve the environment and build strong communities. Our commitment to these values has made us an industry leader in providing developmentally appropriate and engaging teaching devices and kids’playground equipment around the world.

Our company is located in Qiaoxia, which is well-known as the capital of toys. The factory area covers 10,000 square meters. One advantage of the large facilities is that it allows for increased levels of manpower and resources. Due to our great reputation in the industry, chuncan has been thriving into an international company. Our registered capital is $10 million, while our production capacity is able to reach to $15 million.

Compared to our competitors, our company always ensures that quality first.

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